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July 31, 2006
Program targets migrant students' needs


More Hearings, More Stalling, Say Democrats
They argue that House Republicans are using their new set of

sessions on immigration to put off talks with the Senate and

help reelection bids.

U.S. Puts Onus on Employers of Immigrants


Chesco teachers visit Mexico to bridge cultural divide
Some teachers have gone south to learn more about Latino students


July 30, 2006
Drugs, vices kept laborers tied to camps

Are farm workers scared off by immigration law?

Immigration top election issue

New ordinance worries farmers
Some area fruit and vegetable growers are holding their breath

as local governments and the state consider ways to crack down

on illegal immigrants.


Migrant worker safety law may go national

Rupert man convicted on farm labor charge


Mayor could provoke folks in a good way

July 29, 2006
Fewer farmworkers in Pajaro Valley means acreage abandoned

Martyred priest is unofficial patron of migrants
Saint said to have led many across the border safely

July 28, 2006
GOP to conduct 21 more hearings
House leaders say they hope to have the legislation finished

this year


Republicans Near a Vote to Increase U.S. Wage


House G.O.P. Planning Recess Hearings


GOP to hold 3 immigration reform hearings in Texas


Immigrant camps in canyon to be removed
Up to 300 men will be affected




Immigrant Rights Groups Split Over Senate Bill

House to Vote on Increase in Minimum Wage
Negotiations in Search of Pre-Recess Compromise on Reform of

Private Pension Laws Break Off


Georgia cities to host immigrant hearings

Groves cope with late harvest

Migrant labor shortage fears appear overblown


July 27, 2006
Immigration consensus found in poll


New troops at US border, but the task is vast


Mushroom farm faces closure


Migrant issue is not dead in Avon Park

Sweet Onions Land in Sour Patch Amid Georgia Migrant Crackdown


P.V. students to attend school on Chavez holiday


July 26, 2006
Migrant farm workers' legacy lives on
Latinos helped create public service groups


Migration plan draws yawns


GOP bill aims to break immigration deadlock


Poll says voters want immigration reform
71% back enforcement, path to citizenship


July 25, 2006
Avon Park Ordinance Fails
Councilwoman Brenda Gray switches vote on immigrant policy.

Florida City Rejects Stringent Law on Migrants


Avon Park votes down immigrant ordinance
The proposal would have penalized those who do business with

illegal workers.

AvonPark decides against anti-illegal immigrant law


Avon Park Nixes Ban On Illegal Immigrants


Immigration | Tough talk could go either way


Schools help migrant students adjust


Seasonal farmworker housing project planned for Geyserville


July 24, 2006
A Rally Against 'Relief'
About 900 to 1,000 gather to oppose the ordinance up for final

approval tonight.


Huge Backlogs, Delays Feared Under Senate Immigration Plan


Immigrant Advocates Protest Ordinance


House debates seasonal labor bill

July 23, 2006
Vigil to protest immigrant act


Republican Dispute on Immigration Bill Encompasses Even Its Name


At border, speaker of House calls for improved security


July 22, 2006
Attorney general urges Congress to find immigration compromise

July 21, 2006
Ag industry wilting under low unemployment

Migrant workers sue Seneca Foods


Talk of guest worker program has familiar ring Indio residents


Speaker of House visits Yuma


July 20, 2006
Farmworker Sues Fresh Harvest
Attorneys say produce giant violated state and federal laws.

Grower urges temporary-worker program
IMMIGRATION: She tells lawmakers that farmers "can't survive"

an enforcement-only plan.


Farm sector urging temp worker program
U.S. agriculture depends on immigrant labor, House panel told

Migrants' advocates look to '07 for reform


July 19, 2006
House immigration hearing blasts Senate measure
Republican, Democratic ire, and actions at local levels indicate

foes' rising tide

Children's Exposure To Pesticides, Suggests Need For Family Education

According To US Research


Study finds Hispanic forest workers hold harder jobs with fewer benefits
Employment - The research, from the UO, emerges amid debate on the role

immigrants play in the U.S. economy

Union federations want to bring illegal immigrants into the fold
In a 180-degree shift from the past, they call for legalizing guest workers.

But some unions disagree.


Immigration deepens House-Senate GOP divide

July 17, 2006
Tight labor market squeezing growers

July 16, 2006
People line up for hours for chance to get Mexican ID card

GOP Fears Fallout Of Immigration Split
Fight May Weaken Party, Some Say


July 15, 2006

Farm community could get clean water
San Jerardo system plagued by high nitrate levels


July 14, 2006
Immigration Issue Stirred Resentment, Hispanics Say


Senate open to deal on migrants
No guest workers till border is secured


Putnam County closes troubled labor camp


Putnam: Ease Up On Rule For Work

July 13, 2006

Guest worker program gets a boost


Problems squeeze citrus crop


House Leaders Intensify Debate on Immigration


Sen. Specter: Built-in delays in immigration bill
Senate leaders say there's no need to concentrate

strictly on enforcement first.


Telamon provides fun, learning for migrant and seasonal workers’ kids


House GOP hews to its tough line on immigration
Senate hearings set to highlight bill's perceived flaws


July 12, 2006
Worker Deficit in '06-'07 Feared For Harvest


Farmworker health center changes with times
New facility helps program meet its patients' needs

July 11, 2006
Krug accused of unfair firings
Siding with UFW, labor board to file complaint over employee practices


Fear in the fields
Two of Michigan's largest industries -- agriculture and tourism --

worry about their livelihoods as the immigration debate unfolds.

GOP pushed on immigration reform
Influential group outlines challenge for party leaders


Congressional candidate takes on federal immigration court fight

Citrus industry fears millions in losses to labor shortage


GOP leaders face heavy burden before recess


Proposal May Pinch Growers
Homeland Security plans regulation to deter the hiring

of illegal immigrants

General Speaks of Immigrant Father
Congressional Hearing Turns Personal


Olathe home to KKK chapter


July 10, 2006
A good sign for migrants
Hammonton festival helps immigrants obtain health care

Labor Exodus Puts Squeeze on Orange Crop


A Florida Mayor Turns to an Immigration Curb to Fix a Fading City


July 9, 2006
Migrant work camps offer few amenities
Access to services may depend on immigrants' legal status


Cities Propose Immigration Penalties
Legal cloud hangs over labor contractor


Clinton Speaks Out on Illegal Workers
Addressing the La Raza event, he calls the debate a divisive distraction.


A taste of home


July 8, 2006

Carlsbad migrant camp remnants slowly being removed


Threat of Terrorist Crossings Is Stressed at Border Hearing


Immigration policy grabs spotlight at border hearing


Charles Krug winery fires union workers
UFW, labor relations board argue that company illegally

refused to bargain over contract


GOP Hearing Alleges Risks Of Terrorism Along Border
Democrats Say Event Is Bid To Score Political Points


Funding, agents urged for border
Congressional hearing is held along the banks of Rio Grande


Helping the migrants
Seeking care involves many challenges despite efforts


Clash at the border


Migrant Ed. wins carry-over funds


July 7, 2006
Union wrestles with uncertainty
Dudley group seeks to empower workers as N.C. farmers

tackle rising costs

Mediator Can Impose Terms of Labor Pact
In a victory for farmworkers, a state appeals court upholds

a 2002 law. A growers trade group calls it unconstitutional.
Court backs farm unions
Ruling upholds law allowing arbitrator to impose a contract.


July 6, 2006
Appeals court ruling favors farm labor on contract mediation
Law, long on books, curbs delaying tactic


Duttons team with workers to buy homes
Farming family makes key employees homeowners by buying

 land with them


Splits Over Immigration Reform On Display From Coast to Coast

How Eisenhower solved illegal border crossings from Mexico


Farmers:  Immigration Debate Misses Point
Tomato Grower Cannot Find Enough U.S. Workers

Border Bills Far Apart: 2,700 Miles
In a testy San Diego hearing, the House fashions the debate

around security. In Philadelphia, senators focus on the economy.


Immigration compromise will hit farms


Tensions high at House hearings
Instead of resolving rival reform bills in committee, GOP legislators

hold field hearings. Democrats call that a stalling tactic.


Immigration hearing draws cheers and jeers


House and Senate Hold Immigration Hearings


A slippery road to immigration law


THE HOUSE: Just outside Mexico, GOP tries to rally public to

tougher approach


Immigration debate taken to both coasts


Strict border rules on GOP's agenda


DDT found in kids of farm-worker moms
Some exposed to chemical in Mexico


July 5, 2006
Guest workers underpaid, suit says
Few rights make him, others vulnerable, says Mexican

forestry hand


Fertile Common Ground
Farmworkers and growers are uniting against a common foe:

price pressure.

Lending a hand to immigrants
But lawmakers aren't swayed by bricks, gloves


Immigrant overhaul legislation heats up

Republican hearings, activist rallies planned for summer.


Straw houses to serve seasonal workers
Forget traditional construction: This project is stacking the bales


Bush Signaling Shift in Stance on Immigration


With Jobs to Do, Louisiana Parish Turns to Inmates


July 4, 2006
Hearings begin on immigration


Specter starts in Phila. on immigration road trip


Activists set to gather at immigration hearing in San Diego


Congress' Immigration Fight Hits the Road
Starting in San Diego, public hearings will look at competing

plans -- from a sharp slant.

Migrants, smugglers increasingly turn violent as U.S.

clamps down


July 3, 2006 
House leader praised on his tough stand
Constituents like principles that oppose Bush's program

Coloradan rides into immigration fray
Ind. rep calls her the Harriet Beecher Stowe of policy issue


Nuns' efforts aid Apopka farmworkers

Immigrants and ag money mix together in Senate race


Enough, already!


July 2, 2006
Migrant workers' living conditions unacceptable in valley
Affected parties must jointly develop solution


Roots of a dilemma
Out in the fields, farmers sweat out immigration issue


From farmhand to farm owner


Crab shops fear losing workers


From the fields to college
Summer program puts migrnts' children on path to a

higher education

July 1, 2006
Illegal immigrant crackdown threatens flower business


Carlsbad migrant camp is torn down