January 2006





January 31, 2006
Growers, Coalition of Immokalee Workers protect laborers



January 30, 2006
Jobs go begging, farmers say
They press for more Mexican workers, but others blame low pay.

January 29, 2006
Slavery: Collier county’s connection
Modern-day slavery reaches from Immokalee farm fields to prostitution in Golden Gate


Migrants don't risk return home
Border security makes a trip to visit family risky.


Lee trafficking cases a recent chapter in county’s history
Modern-day slavery cases reach Southwest Florida

Border violence likely affecting migrants


Sex rings prey on immigrant women
Human traffickers trap hundreds of female Hispanics into prostitution


Ag rivals unite for workers program
Immigration policy reform brings together growers and UFW.

 A growing concern
Valley farmers worry over how to address a shortage of workers.


Bills wade toward comprehensive reform


Growers Seeking SAFE Haven
Group hopes to set practices for farmworkers,

but some say it's skirting issue.

January 28, 2006
Town Hopes Pesticide Study Will Bear Fruit
Project will monitor pollutants for a full year to see if

chemicals mix to spur asthma in youths.


Immigration is an issue, officials agree

January 27, 2006
Mexico: U.S. troops may be behind border incident

Mexico-U.S. Relations Deteriorating


Migrant van seat belt bill advances


January 26, 2006
Report: Vineyard death deemed accident

MEXICO CITY, Mexico -- A Mexican government commission said

Thursday it will suspend plans to distribute border maps to

migrants planning to cross the U.S. border illegally.


Tempers flare at farmworker assistance forum


January 25, 2006

Mexico gives migrants road map to U.S.


January 24, 2006
Sparks fly over state farm-labor bills

Citrus growers discussing importing labor


Pesticide Enforcement Too Lax, Lawmakers Say


Activists to provide migrants Ariz. maps
Safe routes, stations for water included


Legislators find pesticide laws unenforced


January 23, 2006
McCain guest worker plan gets national support


Nonprofits fret over proposed immigration bill


January 22, 2006

Along the border, a land held hostage


America's farms rely heavily on immigrant workers


January 21, 2006
Tomato suppliers meet restaurant's demands

UFW responds to Los Angeles Times stories


Amid Rifts, GOP Backs Guest-Worker Plan


Immigration issues prove vexing for evangelicals

January 20, 2006
Disparate groups back immigration overhaul


SBCAG redefines unmet transit needs

January 19, 2006
Chamber and 2 Unions Forge Alliance on Immigration Bill

Feds seek alleged cocaine profits


January 18, 2006
Mexico Wants U.S. To Investigate Slaying
Migrant Was 2nd Killed Within a Month

Deputies put squeeze on pickers who steal berries that relieve prostate


Humanitarian Aide Volunteers Face Possibility of Prison


Poisons and people
MLK Day draws a diverse crowd to the Statehouse steps


January 17, 2006
51 more charges piled on to Evans: Rearraignment set for Jan. 24

Immigrants may save organized labor
Wooing workers who fear deportation is the real battle


Evans’ trial date may be moved from Feb. 6


Rally calls for farmworker protection


Fear and loathing on US's lawless "third border"


January 16, 2006
New group holds rally in Arcadia for immigrant rights
 Migrant workers organize

Group calls for strike by Fla. farm workers
Wants undocumented immigrants legalized


Immigrant activists plan march on D.C.


7 Suspects Arrested in Calif. Workers' Comp Fraud


January 14, 2006
Farm workers to be deposed for case in Federal Court

Government wants labor camp owner held in jail


A Border Killing Inflames Mexican Anger at U.S. Policy


January 13, 2006
FARM SCENE: Across the border, U.S. farmers trace their workers' lives

State should boost investment in affordable housing


January 12, 2006
Senate panel votes to increase penalties for slavery


Evans’ trial date may be moved from Feb. 6


January 11, 2006
Study to focus on ag's impact
Manatee to hire agricultural analyst to appraise industry


Former Chavez Ally Took His Own Path
Where Eliseo Medina has gone, unions have grown.

His successes in organizing immigrants show what farmworkers lost

-- but can find again, he believes.

January 10, 2006
San Jerardo residents contend with contaminated wells


Decisions of Long Ago Shape the Union Today


Group outlines most pressing issues for migrants


Farmworker needs surgery to ease legs' ache


Farmworker testifies in Pacheco retrial


Bills focus on curbing immigration


January 9, 2006
Linked Charities Bank on the Chavez Name
The union-related philanthropies enrich one another,

operating like a family business.


Ag director - Proposed spray rule 'unworkable'


January 8, 2006
Farmworkers Reap Little as Union Strays From Its Roots
Vintage journey
Two farmworkers blended their dreams and families

to become owners of a prestigious Napa-area winery


U.S. adds regulatory clout to help pineros
Forest Service tightens contracts,

takes other steps to protect crews.


January 7, 2006
Some think illegal immigration threatens U.S. economy, security


Problem of migrant camps hard to solve, council learns


Illegal workers create ID crisis
Meatpacking towns say fake identities can create 'ghost' population


January 6, 2006
Shooting fuels immigration debate
Mexico's government says the death of Guillermo Martinez, 18,

allegedly killed by a Border Patrol agent, shows how U.S. policy leads to violence

Cuellar: Sealed Border Would Hurt Farmers


A New Field Work


January 5, 2006
Wal-Mart plucks tomatoes from stores over pesticide issue

Federal trial set on cane cutters' wage suit


January 4, 2006
Critics challenge group that wants to certify farm labor practices in Florida


Farm-labor contractor's license revoked by state


Wall won’t solve immigration problems in U.S.


Mexico Seeks Probe Into Shooting of Man at Border


New grant to help farmworkers form advocacy groups


Global Horizons fixed all but one labor violation

January 3, 2006
Ag industry feeling impact of sluggish growth


Border measure questioned


Pesticides: Too little too late


Migrant pay decades late
Mexico to compensate for long-forgotten fund


January 2, 2006
Speaking up on behalf of community


Migrant-aid case puts border policy under microscope
Two volunteers who say they were taking illegal immigrants

to medical aid face charges in a case likely to set precedent.

Plan for notice of pesticide dropped


Immigration death trap


Add pesticide safeguards


January 1, 2005
Border patrols strand immigrants inside U.S.


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