February 2006







February 28, 2006
Report Reveals Plight Of Citrus Industry's Poorest Workers


Braceros get another chance for benefits


State starts investigation into farm company's records
Move made after worker claimed supervisor punched,
threatened him in dispute about hours worked

February 27, 2006
Agriculture dept. refuses settlement offer

Governors Stay Focused on the Border
Illegal immigration is a 'national issue,' one says.
They plan to meet with Bush and his Cabinet.


Political rift starts at border
Illegal immigrants in search of work
find a nation at odds over their presence


February 26, 2006
Agency likely to forfeit grant for farm worker housing
Without land for project, funding could be lost


March to America
Thousands of desperate migrants flock
to Mexican town for the perilous trek north


February 25, 2006

Immigration Proposal Attacked From All Sides
A Republican senator's plan to grant illegal workers
temporary legal status angers disparate groups,
and could help split the GOP.


Migrant bill may trigger debate on migrants
A Republican senator's proposal could be starting point
for dealing with 11M illegal immigrants in U.S.


Senator Introduces Bill Creating Guest Worker Program

February 24, 2006
Panel: Farmworkers still need help

February 23, 2006
Rally cry: Immigrants not criminals
About 1,000 at Lee courthouse protest bill

that targets all in U.S. who are undocumented

Proposed law would make criminals of undocumented workers
More than 500 immigrant workers go to Fort Myers to protest bill


Possible immigration crackdown stirs labor fears among farmers


'We Aren't Terrorists,' Protesters Proclaim


February 22, 2006

Social service providers to march against immigration law


Parents sue over migrant-education money


Revamping of Migrant Education Program Possible


Toss a tomato at fair-trade label

February 20, 2006
New state import: Thai farmworkers


Idaho senator champions immigration reform,

expects bill by early May

February 19, 2006
Grower faces record fines for pesticides
The state wants to know whether use of the toxic chemicals

led to birth defects in workers' babies


Illegal, essential, and in need

February 18, 2006
Advocates organize to plan national immigration reform

February 17, 2006
Apartments offer migrants hope
Complex opens 71 units in Fellsmere


February 16, 2006

Poison of Choice
EPA looks to beef up ban on methyl bromide and
replace it with another pesticide.


Farmers: Migrant shortage would be disaster


February 15, 2006
Farmers help detect pesticides in water
More are joining a Marion County prevention program


State Names New Pesticide Chief


February 14, 2006
Farmworker Groups Sue FEMA Over Hurricane Disaster Aid

February 13, 2006
Farmers avoid migrants' union contract
Growers look outside of N.C. association to find workers


Union Takes New Tack in Organizing Effort at Pork-Processing Plant

February 12, 2006
Ripe Berries, Weary Hands, Strong Hopes

February 11, 2006
Growers work to prove fields SAFE for workers


Evans case motion filed to suppress warrant evidence


U.S. Officials Defend Ploys to Catch Immigrants


February 10, 2006

Migrant politics FSU med school shows the way Historically the
Florida Legislature has shown almost less than no interest in
migrant workers' health, education or safety.


Does the U.S. need a migrant worker program?

February 9, 2006
Tougher human trafficking laws call for broader probes, assets' seizure

February 8, 2006
Brewster school district TB testing singles out migrant workers' kids
Action taken without state, county consultation

February 7, 2006
Catholic Charities Builds Migrant Housing


Paralegal wins award for helping migrants


Migrant bill faces mixed reactions
A seat-belt rule for vans is supported, but a health-care plan draws fire


Immokalee -


Farmworker safety proposals face tough sell


Farmworker housing:

Vista Hermosa scene of celebratory groundbreaking


February 6, 2006
Moved to give up a migrant lifestyle
The high cost of a nomadic existence led some

migrant workers to decide to stay put.

No one benefited more than their children.


Availability of workers increasingly
critical to agriculture's viability

February 5, 2006
Next to farm, coal mine a haven


February 4, 2006
First step taken toward tomato certification


Migrant group to rally Feb. 22
Workers to protest legislation with a labor stopp


Burr reassures farmers on migrant labor
Changes urged on immigration

February 3, 2006
Douglas: Illegal farm workers present dilemma


Cabrillo Economic Development breaks ground on farmworker housing


Experts address slavery
Agencies praised at seminar for efforts against trafficking


Experts: Awareness, training are key weapons to

stop modern-day slavery




As Tobacco Production Rises, Need For Affordable Labor Increases
Farmers, U.S. Senator Say Immigration Reform Needed


February 2, 2006
Parishioners Fast to Protest Migrant Bill
  Dolores Mission Church fears pending federal legislation

targets those who aid illegal workers.


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