February 2005



February 28, 2005

Fla. Tomato Pickers Still Reap 'Harvest of Shame'; Boycott Helps Raise Awareness of Plight


February 27, 2005

Tomato campaign will march to Yum; Farmworkers protest wages, conditions


Farm Workers: Protect against pesticides


February 24, 2005

Bill to support farmworkers reintroduced


February 23, 2005

Mexico's Migrants Profit From Dollars Sent Home


Bishop Wenski: Farm workers due justice


February 22, 2005

Number of guest workers from Thailand workers to harvest

YakimaValley fruit expected to rise


February 20, 2005

New state import: Thai farmworkers


February 17, 2005

Ethel Kennedy joins fight for farmworkers' rights


February 13, 2005



Bush guest worker plan provokes sharply split opinions


February 12, 2005

STATEMENT OF SENATOR LARRY CRAIG (R-Idaho) upon introduction of AgJOBS:

February 11, 2005

From the National Immigration Forum


February 10, 2005

House Likely to OK Migrant Restrictions

Bill seeks legal avenue for farmworkers

February 9, 2005

Sen. Craig Expects Senate Vote On 'AgJobs' Bill Within Two Months


February 8, 2005

Farm Worker Pesticide Project


Editorial: Bring back survey on migrant workers


Drawings of possible farmworker housing


February 4, 2005

With Some Exceptions, Bush's Statement On Guestworker Proposal Draws Applause


Center aids migrant workers


February 1, 2005

Ag workers to undergo tests for nerve damage


Position Statements

February 7, 2005

Needs Assessment: Farmworkers of Manatee County, Florida


Press Releases

Press release  United Farm Workers


Summary of AgJOBS:Agricultural Job Opportunities, Benefits and Security Act of 2005


Drawings of possible farmworker housing


NEWSLETTERS (January 2005)