December 2005







December 31, 2005
Farm labor contractor losing license


New call for forest labor review
Rialto congressman will seek hearings on working conditions of the pineros.


December 30, 2005
Bill on Illegal-Immigrant Aid Draws Fire


December 29, 2005
Giving farmworkers hope for better life
Program's focus on health, housing, labor conditions


Task force forms to aid orchardists


December 28, 2005
No one's on the fence as Mexico rips 'disgraceful' plan, U.S. cites security

December 27, 2005
Pay for braceros buried in red tape
Farmworkers seek wages earned from 1940s through '60s


Editorial: A Forest Service duty
Set up camps for pineros near jobs

December 26, 2005
Ag labor shortage looms


Immokalee volunteers make Christmas magic
Some 5,000 migrant workers share holiday spirit and dinner


Northside Kiwanis, WCI deliver Christmas cheer

to thousands in Immokalee


The politics of pesticides


December 25, 2005
Pesticide woes draw legislators' attention


December 24, 2005
Migrants lost work due to hurricanes, struggle to send funds home


Migrants give thanks for family at holiday
Feast reconnects them with Mexican culture

December 23, 2005
Holiday visit worth the risk for migrants


Bearing gifts
In keeping with tradition, Hispanics celebrate Christmas with Posadas


House on immigration: Pandering, not reform


December 22, 2005
Washington state again fires warning to LA-based contractor


Association donates towards housing project


Tragedy is echoed as crash kills forest worker


Global Horizons faces deadline


Immigrant Impasse
Migrant child protection faces a rocky road in Congress

Healthy Start holds Christmas party for migrant families


December 21, 2005
Group Plans Aid Trip For Migrant Workers


Tougher illegal immigration laws coming?


December 20, 2005
Farm-worker cash advances draw criticism


Labor camp issues fuel town meeting: State senator,

others look for some answers


Pesticide cloud hangs over Ag-Mart's Florida-grown

Santa Sweets tomatoes


Mexican Leader Condemns U.S. for Migrant Bill Passed by House


Federal crackdown on illegal workers could cripple building,

farming industries

December 19, 2005
New Efforts To Fight Case Of "Modern Day Slavery"


Politics weigh heavily in pesticide approval process, critics say


Use of pesticide exemptions for emergencies debated


December 18, 2005
The border -- dividing line or common ground?

Carlitos, a farmworkers' son with no limbs, turns 1


December 17, 2005
94-year-old bracero featured in Sentinel

receives $250 from anonymous donor

Learning the hard way
Winter absences often hinder progress of migrant students


'Immigrants ... are not criminals'
Many decry criminalizing provisions of House bill,

have questions about extent


U.S. House OKs construction of 700-mile fence along U.S. border


Southland looking for farm labor


December 16, 2005
Imperial Valley EDD Serves Breakfast to Farm Workers


SBCAG delays vote on unmet transit needs


Return of the 'braceros?'
Millions of young Mexicans work in U.S. under

government program half-century ago


Business group calls for end to UFW tactic


December 15, 2005
Mendota embraces builder's $70m plan


Fox stands behind migrant work force
Mexican president calls for feasible guest program, end

to nativist backlash

December 14, 2005
Ministry helps feed 130 farmworker families

Bill would halt illegal farmworkers
The measure could affect 90% of workers, state growers say.


McDonald’s on Tip-toes with Newly Empowered Farmworkers


Idaho suit over illegal immigration tossed

December 13, 2005
Agency helps farm worker provide for her large family


December 12, 2005
No such thing as 'temporary workers'


Concern over McD tomato policy grows
Critics say fast feeder should address farm

workers' 'subpoverty' wages, conditions


Labor real issue, not guarding borders


December 11, 2005
House to Take Up Stricter Immigration Measure
GOP, Administration Divided on Plan to Boost Border Security, Tighten Job Market


December 9, 2005
Labor contractor back
Despite conviction for abusing workers, license legally granted


Migrant bill moves forward in House
Employer checks would be required


State hopes to clear up migrant education questions


Pombo drags his feet on migrant abuse issue

OUR VIEW: Guest worker program a sound idea


December 8, 2005
Farm workers' poor driving skills threaten road safety

December 7, 2005
Immigration reform splits GOP as businesses and conservatives at odds


Citrus comes to aid of farm workers


Local farmers fret over rising cost of wages


December 6, 2005
Farmers say they need more field workers
PERSPECTIVE: Some labor economists and agencies

are skeptical of the growers' labor-shortage claims.

Labor shortage problematic for orchardists


December 5, 2005
Farmworker, 22, dies after tractor rolls over near Simi

Picking a Battle Over Shortage of Farmworkers
 As some winter crops may be left to rot, farm advocates lobby

for immigration reform.

Growing healthy babies


Farmers Worried About Lack of Laborers


December 4, 2005
94-year-old bracero still awaits payment from Mexican government

Migrants' status hangs in limbo
As President Bush weighs various immigration

reform proposals in Congress, illegal migrants in the United States

wonder how upcoming changes will affect their status.

Guest worker proposals renew interest in retired migrants


Immigration limits invite violations, local experts say
Border policy called costly, too complex


December 3, 2005

Ambassador wants rights for migrant workers
Voice from Mexico: He says migrant workers should have human rights

and labor rights in the U.S.


The Family Tobacco Farm
Three Generations Of Jarmocs Have Grown Tobacco In Connecticut

 Immigration problem divides Congress


Slim pickings in search for farmworkers
Border crackdown, other jobs drain supply of illegals


Illegal immigrant jobs protested in Woodburn

December 2, 2005
Migrant educators face daily challenge
For two school district employees, better-paying jobs have been

in the offing, but helping migrant families is a passion.

Churches call on McDonald's to pay more to tomato pickers

Housing needs of farmworkers debated


A drought of farm labor

Farm labor camp requests investigation
Board says audit revealed possible cause for concern


December 1, 2005
Farmworkers' Families Need A Helping Ham


Help for pineros vowed
Forest Service chief wants big changes


Not Enough Mexicans
As Congress tackles immigration reform and resentment of laborers

from Mexico swells, few are facing the real nature of the crisis.

Looking for methyl bromide alternatives: P.V. strawberry growers

say pesticide is essential to production



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