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August 31, 2006
Local Oregon growers hurt by labor shortage take concerns to Congress


Our View: Uprooting migrant abuse will be neither easy nor simple.


New CEO backs guest worker plan


Johanns: Immigration issue needs comprehensive solution


Crackdown targets illegal aliens
34 workers arrested in North Tonawanda


August 30, 2006
Growers say fruit's ready, but workers are scarce


Her home cooking keeps laborers in pick condition


For $15, you can match wits with immigration
Park attraction in Mexico offers reality, but doesn't

amuse lawmen

Opposing immigration views heard


Business leaders call for more guest workers


August 29, 2006
Bag Men (and Women)

Commerce chief targets immigration
Gutierrez discusses President Bush's plan in a meeting

with Colorado business leaders, who fear losing foreign

workers in jobs that Americans don't want.


August 28, 2006

Activists work for immigrant rights
Alliance plans demonstrations across U.S.


Migrant workers face evictions


Once limited to field work, Hispanics now buying farms


August 27, 2006
Illegal migrant proposal stirs passions in Farmers Branch

Feds say Ark. should reimburse $877,000 from migrant program


Course extends help to migrants


GOP Sends Mixed Messages on Immigration
Candidates talk tough about enforcement, but the White House,

in an effort to lure Latino voters, says it's time to discuss reform.


August 26, 2006
Labor camp owners are found guilty

August 25, 2006
Immigration bill sticker shock
By Gail Russell Chaddock, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor


Citrus Expo: Florida growers urged to 'pay close attention'


Immigration hearing roils emotions
2 sides in N.H. sound off over guest-worker plan

Latinas empower each other


Altering the forces that drive illegal immigration
Mexico's own initiatives boost the chances that a Senate-House

compromise could work

Tight borders to cause worker squeeze, citrus growers warned


August 24, 2006
Immigration Plan Gets a Boost
Chertoff to Tour Border With Lawmakers Seeking a Compromise


Immigration bill hearing set for N.H.
House panel looks at Senate proposal

Buying identities lets illegal workers escape detection
Improper use of others' papers on rise as fakes become easier to spot


Jury gets work camp drug case
The father's lawyer tries to paint the son as the crack dealer to farmworkers.


Illegal Border Crossings Dip, and Official Cites Security


Jury begins deliberations in Evans case

Lewis talks touch ag topics


Business group, Hispanic caucus agree on immigration reform


U.S., Mexican leaders to discuss immigration


August 23, 2006
Poway to scale back frequency of reports about illegal camps


U.S. work visas are out of reach for many
Some Mexicans come north legally to work in the

United States, but far fewer visas are issued than are sought,

advocates charge. They urge Congress to expand

guest-worker opportunities.


Both sides rest; Evans won't testify

August 22, 2006
Klein blasts Shaw on immigration “dog and pony show”


Cost of Senate Immigration Bill Put at $126 Billion

Honoring farm workers


Suit contends illegal pickers undercut firm
O.C. attorney represents employer using legal help.


After lifetime in the fields, 2 farmworkers calling it quits


Evans trial: Prosecution turns focus on alleged tampering

August 21, 2006
Solution to illegals must not ignore impact on farming,

officials and farmers say


Is the Catholic Church pro-immigrant?  You bet.


Coalition helping migrants
Outreach team assists farm workers


August 20, 2006
Migrant program gets first grad


Coping with a growing problem in agriculture: Farmworker

shortage has growers in quandary
Although the situation has not yet taken a significant toll on

SLO County’s crops, many growers fear that it will soon


Farm workers union will start low power radio station

Migrant issue is a threat to farms
Agriculture in Utah, U.S. dependent on workers

A Harsher Border Crossing
Improved security along the U.S.-Mexico frontier makes

for an increasingly difficult journey for older and less-fit migrants.

Undocumented migrant fighting for life, children
Juliana Mateo unable to pay rising medical bills


August 19, 2006
1999 Earlimart incident was lesson to be learned

Worker killed in accident


Attorney tells judge Evans Sr. to testify on his own behalf


August 18, 2006

To sound of protests, panel convenes in Lake Worth to tackle

effects of immigration


Farmers say immigrants vital to S.C. economy


Views vary at Shaw hearing
In a town with a visible undocumented worker population,

leaders and candidates debated the best way to regulate immigration.


Palm Bay rejects immigration measure
The hotly debated ordinance sought to penalize employers

of illegal workers.

US Rep. Shaw in tight race, holds Lake Worth immigration



As groves disappear, farmers must adjust
Some citrus growers are finding it easier to sell their land to

developers than to make a living in the industry.


Prosecution turns focus to federal reporting
Were Evanses avoiding requirements on cashing checks

more than $10,000?


About 50 Farm Laborers Are Exposed to Sulfuric Acid South of Mendota.

August 17, 2006
Three more say crack available at camp; Ex-workers’ accounts

differ about Evanses’ involvement


Migrant holes up in church


Hurtt cites costs of requiring local police to enforce federal laws

August 16, 2006
Man accused of paying workers with cocaine
Some workers took part of their pay in crack cocaine,

witnesses said at the outset of the
trial of a North Florida labor contractor.


Evans Sr. distributed crack, says ex-worker


August 15, 2006
Congress brings debate on illegals to Gainesville

Judge's view raises migrant injury benefits issue


Distance is labor camp owner's defense in trial


Hurricanes, Politics Blowing Florida's Laborers Away?


August 13, 2006
Charity struggles after Charley


No trespassing
Developers pushing illegal inhabitants,

their chapel, off land set to become new neighborhood


August 12, 2006
Texas produce growers prod Congress for immigration reform

Harvesting tradition


August 11, 2006
Slim Pickin'


Migrant impact called unclear
Ariz. an unusual case in employment study

Mexican farm workers are a quiet economic trend


August 10, 2006
Church fills need at farms

Ag-Mart fined in new pesticide case
Training and gear found lacking


August 9, 2006
Advocates urge Congress to expand guest-worker opportunities


Worker gap hits organic growers
Crackdown at the border makes life harder for farms where chemicals are not part of the plan

Immigration divides small Florida town
A narrowly defeated ordinance dealing with illegal immigration has left bitter and incredulous feelings in a Central Florida citrus town.


Salazar: Immigration hearing a 'stunt'


August 7, 2006

Ag leaders advocate guest-worker program


August 7, 2006
Immigration reform bills at standstill


As Border Patrol shifts resources, migrants return to California

August 6, 2006
Avon Park's Debate Far From Finished


August 4, 2006
In Georgia, Immigrants Unsettle Old Sense of Place


August 3, 2006
Congress members clash over impacts of immigration


Costs of Illegal Immigrants Called 'Catastrophic'
At a U.S. House hearing in San Diego, Supervisor Antonovich

says L.A. County residents pay $1 billion a year for migrants.

Hearing highlights cost of illegal immigration


Deportations protested
Dozens demonstrate against removal of illegal farmworkers


August 2, 2006
Program explores risks of pesticides to farm workers


Farm-labor firm allowed to resume work
Global Horizons was shut down in June in a dispute over workers'

compensation benefits


Coachella Valley farm workers short changed


Unions Say E.P.A. Bends to Political Pressure


August 1, 2006
Global Horizons labor suit granted class-action status


Bush criticized from unusual corner
Cornyn says president lacks credibility on border issues


Michigan farmers want Congress to be careful in dealing with immigration


Emotions are strong at hearing


Gutierrez pitches immigration plan in Louisville to legislators
Bush approach is stalled in Congress


Closing culture gap down on the farm
Dairy owners visit hometowns of Mexican employees