August 2005



UFW-Gallo dispute in spotlight
Union works to focus attention on local contract;

wine giant dismisses tactics, wants more talks



Summer 2005



August 29, 2005
Guest workers note progress
Labor contract has brought changes


August 28, 2005
Farm plight: Tense times, millions in damages
After Hurricane Katrina, farmers, growers and laborers

who depend on agriculture for their livelihood are reeling.


August 25, 2005
Farm jobs at risk


August 22, 2005
Bracero Protests Heat Up Again


August 21, 2005 
Healthcare Is Migrating South of the Border
California employers are steering Latinos to Mexico,

where care is less costly but uneven.

August 19, 2005
2 Illegal Immigrants Win Arizona Ranch in Court


August 18, 2005
Check on nurseries, too, for pesticide violations


August 17, 2005
Lee Sheriff's Office busts alleged Fort Myers brothel


Number of Colorado human trafficking cases rises


August 14, 2005
Slim Pickings in Farm Labor Pool
Tighter borders and construction jobs that pay better are at the root of

a shortage of workers willing to toil in the Central Valley fields.


August 12-18, 2005

August 10, 2005
Group: Workers need clothes washed


August 8, 2005
Guest-worker programs aren’t the answer
They’d only make it easier to abuse immigrants.


August 5, 2005
News-Journal's migrant series spurs state action


August 4, 2005
Battling the heat


August 3, 2005 
Meatpacking's Human Toll


Gov. Orders Shade, Water for Workers Sickened by Heat


August 2, 2005
Van Crash in California Desert Kills Five


August 1, 2005
AgJobs legislation answers needs of growers, workers