April, 2006




April 30, 2006

Migrant care event group's last
Su Salud hosts final Tour of Life at camp


Union, contractor have a deal - now what?

Immigrant march slated for Orlando


Changing views
Pueblo Bonito was conceived in 1995 and built in 1999. Along with

much-needed affordable housing came fears from surrounding neighborhoods

that the community was just another slum. They were wrong.


Businesses gear up for Monday's immigration rally, boycott


Hispanics plan business closures
Immigrants, activists to participate in Monday's 'Great American Boycott'


Immigrants across state prepare to demonstrate


Days are long, work is hard `To be here is a dream,

' says an undocumented immigrant who toils to send money to his family.

Former picker says incentives for Americans have vanished from Florida's citrus industry.


April 29, 2006
Radio takes a stance ... on both sides

Construction sites brace for losses during march


What spiritual leaders say about immigration debate
As immigrants, legal and illegal, protest U.S. immigration policies

and congressional proposals to change them, we asked our

Faith & Values columnists to weigh in on the issues. This is what they had to say:


Local immigrants to march in Laurel


Meat plants plan closures for immigration rallies

Rallies to call attention Monday to immigrant rights


Immigrants plan for work stoppage, boycott


Fearing raids, workers stay home
Thousands of absent construction workers shut down or

crippled job sites throughout South Florida this week


National Boycott Plans Creating a New Divide


Monday protest opponents urge counter-boycott
Businesses that close in support of immigrants' cause targeted


Employers change hiring practices amid crackdown
Local businesses shift hiring duties to contractors, rely on returning

workers as feds get tough on illegal aliens

Don't boycott, immigrant leaders advise


Bush opposes national boycott

Latinos divided on Monday's protests


Immigrant boycott worries fast-food industry; Chains are offering

workers support, encouragement


Boycott pushes shutdowns
Some stores to close so Hispanics can draw attention to

immigration policies


Many who are legal are wary


April 28, 2006

Rights march Monday


Farms will let workers go to rally


Female migrants take on risks
Rape considered the price to cross border into U.S.


Bosses bypass worker status website


April 27, 2006
Immigrants hope reforms include all ethnic groups


Migrant housing builders vanish


Immigrants Would Leave Big Hole


April 26, 2006
Many 'guest workers' vulnerable, migrant advocates say


Bush prods Senate on migrant bill


US agriculture and immigration tied in a knot


Immigrant community scarce after federal crackdown


Police expect big, peaceful immigration rally
A march of as many as 10,000 people will close some

downtown Orlando streets Monday.


Senators optimistic on passing immigration bill after meeting with Bush

Blast survivor urges justice for immigrants
Injured farmworker speaks at vigil outside federal building in Syracuse.


Big crop forecast could mean labor shortage

April 25, 2006\
Bush Says Massive Deportation Is Not Realistic


Kunia's deadliest crash


After Quitting A.F.L.-C.I.O., Group Suggests Reunion of Sorts


U.S. attorney: Drug evidence safe


Migrant debate looming for Bush


House to vote on changes to seat belt bill


Guest workers vulnerable


Immigrants marching Monday


Immigration Law of 1986 Shaping Current Debate

April 24, 2006
Calling for action
Activists tour poverty-stricken Immokalee, lending support to poor

farmworkers and campaigning for their rights


In Mexico, Immigration Seen As Inevitable

Ethel Kennedy marches in support of farmworkers


2 men, same number: Lives 2,000 miles apart change for better, worse


Farmers fear fallout from migrant bills
Crop owners say legislation barring illegals could devastate industry,

drive up food prices

1,200 March Peacefully to Support Immigrant Rights


A Kennedy again walks with poor

April 23, 2006
Flawed immigration laws pose risks to everyone
Stolen Social Security numbers used to get jobs

Migrant farmworkers at Sin Fronteras will boycott


Poor health related to inadequate housing for immigrant farmworkers

in the USA


April 22, 2006
Stakes up in migrant debate
Feds hope employers will follow laws


Is immigration broken?


May 1 focus of migrant work stoppage


Migrant tally called misleading
Experts: Apprehension numbers aside, most entrants make it in


Crackdown on Workers Brings Dismay and Anxiety

AFL-CIO president, Ethel Kennedy lend support to Florida farmworkers


Former braceros say guest workers abused


April 21, 2006
Raid brings fear, approval in Biglerville


Crackdowns on immigrant employers to increase


Local Latinos experience housing prejudice


Frist Will Try Anew for Immigration Bill


Some undocumented immigrants' kids could get in-state tuition


Asparagus near ready for picking
Migrant workers not yet here to help

April 20, 2006
State tells employers to set up rules for working in heat

Residents sound off on illegal workers
The immigration debate and border security are topics at a town-hall meeting.


Boycott the boycott?
'Day without immigrants' fails to gather steam in EP


Plan for May 1 migrant protest kindles anxiety

Immigrant activists to rally
Marches are planned in Orlando and Polk County in support of changing the law.


U.S. Cracks Down on Hiring of Illegal Immigrants

April 19, 2006
Farm union helps in recruiting and hiring immigrant workers
A firm figure for solidarity


As border-control device, San Diego's fence divides
Barrier cuts down on local chaos, but critics say it just shifts the problem elsewhere-- and underground


Projects target farmworkers' housing plight


On migrants, does Mexico have a double standard?


Immigration Reform Won't Come Easy, Nelson Says


Farmers Hire Migrant Workers in Order to Survive


Migrants begin return to Oceana as nation debates immigration law


April 18, 2006
Some Immigrants Reject Notion of ‘Earned’ Citizenship
Legislative punishment called ‘double jeopardy’ for taxpaying low wage workers


Bill allows immigrants in-state tuition rates


Employers risk little in hiring illegal labor


Growers, Farm Labor Contractor Fined In Pesticide Overspray

April 17, 2006
Costa Mesa's Pioneering Migrant Stance Is Costly
The push to help enforce federal law, and the resulting debate, eat up not just money but time. Sifting e-mail from the public is a major chore.


Farmers Say They've Got Fruit but No Labor
In Washington state, migrants increasingly pass up apple orchards for better-paying jobs.


Congressional candidates feel pressure on both sides

Giving their dream a roof


Behind the Debate: Propelled to Protest, Driven to Migrate
Mexican Deportee's U.S. Sojourn Illuminates Roots of Current Crisis


Hasten, but still require, state review of labor appeal


April 16, 2006
The Seeds of Promise


Migrants Reshape Pueblos With Ideas del Norte


U.S. employers send for immigrants
By Julie Watson and Olga R. Rodriguez


Activists planning to step up their efforts

Leaders came together for march
Groups plan similar protests


The Nation
Going After Migrants, but Not Employers


April 15, 2006
Apopka group spreads call to rally for migrant rights


Activists call for the boycott of U.S. firms


Health Clinics for Poor May Lose Aid


Saunders seeks $200,000 to fight slaveryIf the Legislature

approves, the money would establish a task force and

train law enforcers to combat trafficking

April 14, 2006
Growers back guest worker program
Rogue Valley agricultural interests depend on a migrant labor force


Immigrants Unlikely To Gain KidCare Access


César Chávez and Environmentalism


Local residents say they'll join May boycott


Senate priority: migrant workers


Ag-Mart ties drug to birth defects: Grower suspects thalidomide use


April 13, 2006

Relief drive amasses clothing for farm workers to guard against pesticides


Growers and union hail new agreement for Global Horizons, UFW


April 12, 2006

Edgefield County farm depends on migrant workers


Migrant housing project remains on hold as the number

of families in Pueblo grow


Despite surplus, 14,000 kids go withoutFarmworkers thought this year

their kids would get subsidized health insurance, but theHouse is

balking, despite a record surplus.

Farm Labor Contractor, Union in Pact
The agreement between Global Horizons and the UFW offers benefits for guest workers.


Sensing change, migrants rush to the border


April 11, 2006

Immigration gathering set for May 1 in Orlando


Huge Crowds March for Immigration Rights


Union, contractor form curious coalition


'We Decided Not to Be Invisible Anymore'
Pro-Immigration Rallies Are Held Across Country


Immigrants march for right to work


Immigration rally draws 5,000 in Lake Worth


New civil rights movement spreads
More than a million people march nationwide over immigration policies


Seen and heard
An estimated 75,000 immigrants and supporters flood Fort Myers in protest of immigration reform


Courthouse rally unites Manatee's immigrants


Marchers at immigration rally demand justice, respect


75,000 march here
Massive local gathering joins in nationwide show of unity


Across the U.S., `We Are America'
Immigrants and their supporters call for dignified treatment

above all, legalization. Some recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Farmworkers' Union Is Set to Announce First National Contract for Guest Workers


April 10, 2006
Migrant issue divides Latinos
Dissenting voices drowned out by pro-immigrant rallies


Farmers Watch Debate on Immigration Reform


Farm labor group to hold march Wednesday
Cross-cultural theme to be focus of event


Migrants brace for state laws
Legislatures push own measures as Congress struggles to reach consensus


2,000 rally in Orlando for immigrant rights
As many as 2 million are expected to march in more than 140 cities across the U.S. today.


Catholic church steps into migrant debate

Researchers: Farmworkers' health at risk due to inadequate housing


April 9, 2006

Skit helps teach Schilling students about Cesar Chavez
Teacher surprised at how little his students knew about the activist

Wet weather hits farm workers hard


Union inroads for migrants
Farm workers' group pushes for better pay, rights; joins AFL-CIO


The Border Of Hope And Fear


It's the President's Turn


Senate's Failure to Agree on Immigration Plan Angers

Workers and Employers Alike


April 8, 2006

Analysis: Migrant measure stalls in Senate
The reform package's fate is uncertain after it is stymied by partisan

maneuvering and lawmakers break for two weeks.

Growers want to forestall pesticide notification program


Ag towns help workers learn, adapt


Even in Maine, Latinos' Future Affects Economy


April 7, 2006
Newell Migrant Center to get upgrade


Mexicans and Filipinos share common history in California
Discussion at UCSD will highlight the historical coalitions of the two groups

during the farmworker movement.


Some Mexicans bypassing U.S. for Canada's guest worker program


Immigration Bill Stalls in Senate
Republicans Insist on Amending Measure


Immigration Compromise Is Stalled in Senate

Nominee Is Grilled Over Program on Pesticides

April 6, 2006
150 protest Pajaro nursery employees firing


A nation divided on immigrationIn rural North Carolina, as in Congress,

divisions are deep - and solutions elusive.


Senate Takes New Tack on ImmigrationA GOP-proposed `

path to citizenship' has some illegal workers return home,

pay taxes and study civics. Discord with House is likely.

Senate Struggles for a Deal on Immigration


Call goes out for equal rights for N.Y. farmworkers


Senate GOP Deal on Immigration Bill Likely
Wide Bipartisan Support Would Break Logjam


Debate over illegals roils onion country

April 5, 2006
FLOC leader talks immigration at Bluffton U

Clamor for migrant bill
Senate racing for solution on guest workers


Farmers: Hispanic labor needed


April 3, 2006
The Job No Americans Want Isn't Getting Any Easier


Picking Season Brings Ergonomics to Field


Heated interest in immigration reform draws large crowd


48 local migrant workers sue Indiana firm Say subpar treatment,

housing greeted them; recruiter calls case a free-money scheme

Tighter borders could change face of region
Thousands come to work; some stay for good


April 2, 2006
Farmworkers demonstrate to pressure McDonald's for higher wages

Mexican father finds opportunity in N.C.


Immigration has high stakes for agriculture


They work rain or shine, hot or cold
After 16 years in Oregon, a 72-year-old man says he might return to Mexico


Being an immigrant shouldn't be a felony

Celebrating Chavez


Companies pay heed to farm workers' needs


April 1, 2006
Mexican workers plea before panel


Migrant strike: Some will, some won't


Local farmers feel immigration effect


Rally draws 6,000
'Real thing' teaches teens how to protest


Workers rally for safety; Speakers address immigration reform bills

Statehouse assembly challenges failure of pesticide-protection bill


UFW veterans remember Cesar Chavez
They're public officials today


Alternative to immigrant labor is $5 apples


Some Latino kids in Arizona are vague on who Cesar Chavez was


Cesar Chavez legacy celebrated 400 honor rights leader in Glendale