November 26, 2003

Help Gallo of Sonoma workers avoid a new  Gallo wine boycott!  E-mail Gallo of Sonoma today!!! 


November 25, 2003

Urgent Action and Summary of Police Brutality at FTAA Protests


November 24, 2003

Statement on Nov. 24th 2003 Global Day of Action for Arrested FTAA Protestors


November 24, 2003

. . .  update from D.C. on the AgJOBS farmworker immigration bill:


Action Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agricultural Jobs Bill

  We need letters and e-mails to Congress as soon as possible!


 Free Eye Exams for Uninsured Children: November 2003


December 31, 2003

Trailer park's evicted residents frustrated in search for help


December 30, 2003

Park residents evicted


December 29, 2003

While farmworkers are sickened by pesticides, industry writes the rules.


December 29, 2003

Jubilation's Harvest Cafe to offer a sense of community


Saturday, December 27, 2003

Some food producers balance profit, workers' rights well


  December 26, 2003

Two cities reaching out to migrant workers


December 24, 2003

Immigration Reform on Bush Agenda


December 23, 2003

California Leads in Making Employer Pay for Job Deaths


December 17, 2003

New window to immigration reform


December 16, 2003

Farmers file suit against field bosses


December 16, 2003

Advocates for park residents prompt Manatee into action


December 16, 2003

Office set up to clear park residents' confusion


December  14, 2003

Support grows for immigrant bills


December 14, 2003

End America's denial of farm labor reality


December 13, 2003

Advocates seek to help Trail residents


December 12, 2003

Pesticide Exposure High in Migrant Workers


December 12, 2003

Party's Internal Immigration DebateIs Reignited by Ridge's Comments

December 12, 2003

Pushed out into the cold


December 11, 2003

Official says she will help farmworkers find housing


December 10, 2003

Migrant farmworker recalls atrocities in fields


December 7, 2003

Part 1: Modern-day slaves toil in Florida's fields of plenty

December 8, 2003

Part 2: The Real Cost

December 9, 2003

Part 3: That glass of OJ is squeezing back


December 6, 2003

Investigators delving into new claims of farmhand abuse


December, 2003

108th Congress 1st Session Wrap-Up - What Passed and What's Ahead


November. 28, 2003

College pricey for immigrants


November. 28, 2003
Migrant children explore lives through lens of their own film


November, 27, 2003

State finds violations of laws on farm labor


November, 27, 2003

 Group Wants Investigation of Police Tactics at Miami Trade Talks


November 19. 2003

Farmworker files suit against Manatee farmer


November 18, 2003

Farmworkers call for more reforms


November 13, 2003

Support for Boycotts


Oct 25, 2003

San Jose Mission Accomplished


October 24, 2003

Farmers hope to gain stable, legal work force


October 24, 2003


Maurer's  Column in Key West the Newspaper


October 21, 2003

Apples, peppers top list of pesticide-laden produce


October 21, 2003

Immigration reform gains an unlikely ally in Congress: the GOP


October 20, 2003

A chance for immigration reform


Friday, October 17, 2003

Bill offers migrants chance for new lives ....


October 10, 2003

No going back ....


Captive Labor
The plight of Peruvian sheepherders illuminates broader exploitation of immigrant workers in U.S. agriculture.


October 13, 2003
Congress Looks to Grant Legal Status to Immigrants

October 1, 2003

Support builds for the legalization bill


September 29, 2003

Harvesting Poison



October 29, 2003

Sign on to Cong. Letter on Farmworker Immigration Please ....


October 17, 2003

two exciting pieces of news on the farmworker legislation front - both national and local


FAQ: Farm Worker Adjustment Program
Under the Kennedy-Craig-Berman Bills


September 29, 2003

Harvesting Poison


Sept. 23, 2003



A bipartisan farmworker legalization bill at last